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Monday, January 26, 2009

Artscow Photo Book Printing

I just love Artscow Printing. So far, I've ordered about $300 from them, but when you see all that I've gotten and the quality, you will see why! For $285, I've bought the following:
19 - 8 x 8 books (31 page books)
46 - 12 x 18 posters
8 – 8 x 10 prints
150 – 5 x 7 prints
50 – 4 x 6 prints
Mostly on the 12 x 18, I would make a 12 x 12 page, and two 6 x 6 mini pages and I filled my postbound scrapbooks with these pages, and shared the mini 6 x 6 pages. You could even make six 6 x 6 pages for a mini album. I've made wedding books, legacy books and vacation books. I just upload my 12 x 12 pages, and drop into the book as a solid page. Make sure you give yourself a nice margin for the full bleed. Don't forget to decided about page numbers as they are automatically added. Every time you move pictures around, the numbers popup. I don't like numbers on mine.

Also, the cover is not a square. You can email for details on the cover/spine and back. You will not be disappointed in these books, the color quality is great, and the binding is sewn. Right now you can get 12 FREE 8 x 8 hardcover books (20 pages), and 1200 FREE PRINTS just for joining.
Click on the link (in the sidebar or here) to join for FREE and get all the FREEBIES the site has to offer! The 12 FREE 8 x 8 books don't forget to put in the CODE FREE12XBOOKS

Here's how you get there: Go to MY ACCOUNT, then click on the RIGHT SIDEBAR that says CREDIT & DISCOUNT. Add the CODE: FREE12XBOOKS

You only have until 1/30/2009 for these freebies!


  1. I would like to suggest one www.mypublisher.com

  2. Thanks for sharing. Here are the prices for their books, straight from their website:

    11.25” wide and 8.75” high. From 20 to 100 pages long.

    Photos per page: You can use up to 12 photos per page.

    Classic Hardcover Pricing
    For 20 pages with up to 240 photos:
    $29.80 Linen hardcover
    $34.75 Hardcover with jacket
    $49.75 Leather hardcover
    $ 0.99 Each additional page


  3. Amazing photo book printing. I never seen before like this. Keep going on..


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