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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Favorite Designer

From the beginning, in June of 2007, I have had a very favorite designer. Please don't misunderstand, I have others that I love and cherish too, but Candee is my favorite. Well, due to circumstances beyond her control she is having a retirement sell. It's the best deal in digital graphics EVER. She is selling her entire store for $20! She has beautiful kits, and bunches and bunches of them and some commercial use, and a few minis! Seriously, this is a deal you can't pass up. You will be downloading for days!

Candee's store at Stone Accents Studio
Candee also has a GREAT Commercial Use Freebie.

She has her entire store for sale at Designer Digitals and Cottage Scrapbooks along with Stone Accents.

I have a few awards, but no time to post today. Kathy, I got your message, but not sure of your blog address, since I have several Kathy's...LOL!

I need some help. I've been using MS Digital Image Pro, and I got CS3 for a gift. I am totally lost. I need some good video tutorials, and I need your suggestions.

Have a totally wonderful day!


  1. Oh, she has great stuff, I'm sorry to see her go, I will definitely go check her store out. As for CS3, I'm envious, you're going to have so much fun! Hummie has great tutorials on her site, www.hummiesworld.com. Jessica Sprague is doing a Photoshop class for CS users (not Elements users) coming the end of March or April, www.jessicasprague.com. I'm saving my pennies little by little, hoping to get my CS4 in the next month or so, so let me know what you find out there!

  2. misty cato has some great tuts too!

  3. Hi, Jeanette, have you tried about.com? Google Photoshop beginner tutorials and it should be the first hit or very close to the top. On the right are some links to video tuts. Have fun - you'll love PS!


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