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Monday, February 16, 2009


I am so excited! With the help of my friend Steph, I have worked and worked trying to solve my most frequently asked question. "How do you get the blog background to fit different size computers?" Well, I think I'm ready for the newest tutorial on making a ONE SIZE FITS ALL blog background. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! Before I begin, I need you to review Easy Custom Blogs from your various computer screens, and comment about what you see. Also, if you would be so kind as to tell me your computer screen size. I'd like to take the time to thank Steph from Digital Art by Step for being my screen tester (she has a large screen that she took screen shots and sent them to me so I could tweak and tweak and tweak). Now I would like to get some feedback.
Also, I've received a lot of awards that I very much appreciate!

From Cameron's Cave I received the Scrapping Star Award! I would like to pass this on to: Angels that Scrap, Lynette's Photo Art, Creative Busy Hands, DigiLover's Scraps, and Digital Art by Steph. Pick up the SCRAPPING STAR AWARD and share with 5 others.

From Chingjp from Japan I received the Olha que Blog Maneiro! award (How cool blog). I would like to pass this on to: Bits N Bobs, Mystical Designs, Designs by Tinkerbell, Shellez Creations, and Incognito Scrapz. Pick up the OLHA QUE BLOG MANEIRO! and share with 5 others.

From Steph and Leonie I received the Lemonade Award. I would like to pass this on to: Funky-Fever, Hot Spot by Aneta, Laurinda's DigiScraps, Mental Imagez, and Needful Blog Things . Pick up the LEMONADE AWARD and share with 5 others.

From PSPScrapper I received the Totally Awesome Blog Award. I would like to pass this on to: Scrappy Lisa, Enchanted Cropper, My Simple Thoughts & Creations, Designs by Nana, and Babyyaks. Pick up the TOTALLY AWESOME BLOG AWARD and share with 5 others.

Thanks for your patience with me!


  1. WOW Jeanette thank you so much for the wonderful award - I really appreciate it!!!

    MWAH & hugs

  2. Hi Jeanette,

    Thanks so much for the award. I really appreciate it. Regarding the screen size, I noticed that you can get that info in Google Analytics. One day, I was exploring the info there, and I think I saw the screen size info. If you do not find it, I will dig more for you.
    Thanks again, -luiza

  3. Found it. You can go to Vistors -> Browser Capabilities -> Screen Resolutions.
    Hope it helps, -luiza

  4. Wow!!!! That's really great.... Receiving an award from a "master"... it is really an honor for me.... Thank you my dear...

    Love Always,
    My Simple Thoughts N Creations
    My PhotoBlog

  5. Thank you for my award sweetie :O)

  6. Can't wait to see how the 'One Size' works! It's very exciting! Things look good on my monitor..I have a 17" and I can see it all. Keep us updated!

  7. Hello,

    Thank you so very much for the award and the wonderful comments, I am honored. However, I am ill and in bed and it will be some time before I can handle my end of the award. I just wanted you to know that I wasn’t disrespecting you, but simply can’t do it just now. Just came to peek at e-mail. I work ahead on the blog, so it should continue unaffected until I can resume my work. I am so touched and thanks again!


  8. Thanks for stopping by & leaving a sweet comment on my blog. This is all so new to me (I just started in Dec.)
    Your blog background looks great on my 16" screen. I just made my background last weekend and am trying to figure out how to get it to go all the way to the sides.
    Thanks again!
    Huggies ~

  9. Jeanette,

    Congratulations on all your awards!!!

    I have a 22" flat screen, which is 18 1/2" wide by 11 1/2" high, and I see everything beautifully. The sunflower at the top left section extends to the middle section (where the posts begin) only a tiny bit - maybe 1/8". However, it is not distracting at all and the posts can be read just fine. I wouldn't change anything.

  10. Hi Jeanette, Congrats on your Well Deserved Awards!!
    my screen is 18" I see everything OK..

  11. Wow viewing this on a 19", (My Sons) I've got to get me one lol I can now see the photoframes on the left, and all but the end parts of the silver patterns on the right, Can't wait to see how this one works. Will really help with my layouts. Thank you so very much I really apprecieate all your hard work and help in getting our blogs looking good. Thank you Jeanette.

  12. Hi Jeanette, my congrats with all your awards!
    I am so touched to receive my award from you! Thanks a lot!
    I have a 17" and I can see everything good!

  13. The screen I am using often causes problems, but everything looks fine for me. Usually if it passes this screen's test, it's good to go.

    I took a long time to get mine where it is at too. I prefer the wide liquid format so that I can get as much as I can into a post, especially with images. My blog contracts and expands per screen size.

  14. Wow, how neat. I see the top picture frame on the left well (not totally) and only a bit of the one below it.

    and I think you want this:

    :) that's my resolution :)

    thanks! I'm excited to see what you come up with! :)

  15. I just upgraded from an 18 - 22" inch screen last week and it really makes a difference when I visit other blogs including my own. I can see your photo frames over to the left, which I couldn't see before but they are cut off slightly. When I view my own blog, I see a repeat on both sides due to the background being smaller than the screen, I think. I can't wait to see what you come up with to fix this problem.

  16. Hello there... My computer screen is just 10"W and 8"H..:-(
    and I really can't say what I am missing in your background layout...Maybe if you can post a copy of your layout now for me (and maybe others too) so we can see the difference...

    Love Always,
    My Simple Thoughts N Creations
    My PhotoBlog

  17. Looks fine to me hun, mine is 19"

  18. Congrats on all the awards!!! I have a 17" screen and I see everything perfectly.


  19. Hi Jeanette,
    I have a 17in screen. Your new background now stretches all the way across, whereas your old one cut off. I normally create a background that's 1900px by 1100px, even though I know most will be cut off. Keep up the great work!

  20. Hi, Jeanette, I am finally picking up my award. Thank you so much! I am tickled to be able to help you since I have received so much help from others and I can just pass it on. :)
    many hugs

  21. Jeanette,
    I'm so tickled that you selected me for an award. That's so sweet of you. I've gleaned a lot of great information from you and your blog. Thank you so much.


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