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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Are you a follower?

Hello friends and guests!

I would love to see some responses and some comments if my tutorials have helped you (and many thanks to those that have commented). I am also pretty quick to respond to questions (if I know the answer), and I will let you know if I don't have the answer I try to find it for you. I just love teaching, I guess that's why my school selected me as the Teacher of the Year! Then amazingly, I am now a finalist for our County Teacher of the Year. That's one of the reasons I've been so very busy lately! I should find out if I made it in the next few weeks. Any way, it is a great honor!

Do you follow my blog? I would love to hit the 300 mark on Followers, and if you'd like I will return the favor and follow yours too just let me know. You may check my blog often, and search it (I hope the new search engine is helping...you can find it HERE!) .

Thanks for all the kindest words that keep me looking for new blog treasures!
As always, hugs from the heart!


  1. Jeanette,
    Yes i am a follower of your blog and i have to say my blog wouldn't look as nice if i didn't follow your tut's (thank you so much).
    Teacher of the year is just Wonderful I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU Congratulations!!! I would like for you to follow my blog but everytime i add that my blog runs really slow. I do have a question for you but it will have to wait because i'm going into the hospital Friday morning to have a tumor removed and i should be in there for 2 or 3 days so when i get home i will email you please say a prayer for me. Thank you again for sharing all your wonderful tutorials and all the time you put into them. Your are truly an amazing person.

  2. A Happy Family

    I am also a follower...in fact, I just found your blog and I can't remember how. I'm excited to try out some of your tutorials!


  3. hi jeanette

    yes i am a follower
    for a long time now.
    my blog wouldn't look as good as it is with out your tutorials
    thanks for all your wonderfull tuts

    hugs Leonie

  4. I just started following your blog so I guess you should count me in too! Your tut. are great and have helped alot!
    Congratulations on being Teacher of the year. I'm looking forward to hearing if you win County Teacher of teh year. good luck!

  5. Hi, Jeanette, I LOVE your blog and have learned so much from you. I have referred a ton of people to your blog for the help they need. Thanks so much for all!

  6. I am new at blogging and got very inspired by your tutorials. I have managed to add my first background to my blog through a lot of trial and error but want to thank you for your tutorials. I do think that your site is great. I am interested in the correct pixel size for backgrounds and headers, as these are the things I'm working on now and having the most problems with. Thank you for your site.

  7. Of course I follow you! I admire your propensity to find exactly what we need out here in cyberland. Great about the Teach award and I hope you score the other one too!

  8. Your page is very cute!!! I love scrapbooking, but digital scrapbooking is so much easier...I will check your blog out. :)

  9. I already was a follower. I've blogged about you on my blog. I'd love another follower myself! :)

  10. Hi, Jeanette. I've subscribed to your blog for quite a while in Google Reader, but just figured out that I'll still get the updates there if I'm an actual follower on your blog. And I know how much I love seeing my follower's faces right on my blog, so now you get the pleasure (not!) of seeing my face on yours! Thanks for all you do ~ I've referred several people to your blog.


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