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Friday, January 2, 2009

Learning to Link


I hope this post finds you and yours completely blessed and relaxed. I hope you are all having a fabulous NEW YEAR! I received a few emails about linking so I decided to create this lesson to help you scrap your blog!

Linking Text and Photos

Providing hyperlinks is important to allow for smooth navigation in your blog. Fortunately, blogger has made this very simple:

If you are in the COMPOSE PORTION of your post, you will see a gray bar across the top of the post writing block with your many posting choices. The choices are, in order, FONT, TEXT SIZE, BOLD, ITALICS, TEXT COLOR, HYPERLINK, PARAGRAPH FORMATING, BULLETS, QUOTE BLOCK, SPELL CHECK, ADD PHOTO, ADD VIDEO, REMOVE FORMAT. For this lesson, we are going to learn how to link photos, texts, and previous pages in our blog.

1. To hyperlink a photo, first you add the photo to the post. For some reason the photos always go to the top of the post, and I always move them where I want them within the post.
2. Highlight the photo with your cursor, and then click on the HYPERLINK button (the one that looks like a piece of chain).
3. The link button will pop up and the first section is already filled in for you with the http: format, which I always leave as is. The second part of the link window will be for you to enter the web address. I always copy and paste the web address from the site to reduce errors on typing. You will paste in the web address, and then your photo will be hyperlinked.
4. This is also how you link text. Type the text you want, then highlight it, go to the hyperlink button, and put in the web address you want.

Linking posts in your blog:
I always open a second window with my blog in it to easily find the location of the article I want to reference.
1. Find the post you want to link back to in your blog. Click on the TITLE of that post. Your post will open in the blog first, as if it were new.
2. Go to the address bar, and you will highlight the entire web address and copy it.
3. You will follow the directions above about linking texts and then pasting that code you copied from your address bar into the text or photo you have selected.

Linking freebies:
You can easily use your 4shared link the same way. Just highlight your photo (preview) of your freebie in the post, then click on the hyperlink button, and add your 4shared address to the pop up window, and your digi-scrap freebie will be linked.

I hope this is all information is easy and clear...Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Hugs from the heart,


  1. You're like my fairy blogging godmother, thanks for the great info!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my site, I've been so busy reading this blog nearly left without a word. How rude of me. This is a great place you have here, and so very interesting. I'll be visiting often. Thanks so much for all the hard work you've put in here, it will surely come in handy. Already added a couple things to my site. lol Thank you. Hugs

  3. how fun. good to have a place for ppl to get some advice...i remember having to search all over creation to learn stuff!

    thanks for sharing.

    and happy new year

    Ps....thanks for the prayers :)

  4. Thanks so much for taking time to visit me at blog...You really have a wonderful site here ,,providing info. for new bloggers...like me...ohhhh You're truly fantastic...You're like an angel ...Thank you very much...& truly appreciate if you can leave me some advise how to improve the looks of my blog...hugs ,,,Fritzie aka chingjp

  5. You are really heaven sent!!!! I've been wondering for the longest time on how those links are done... Thanks again!!!!!

    Love Always,
    My Simple Thoughts N Creations

  6. I have searched for months for someone that offered information to others. Thank you so much for being here.I have gained so much knowledge from reading here on your blog. I signed up for the newsletter and I will be back to read more.


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