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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scrapping Older Posts, etc.

Resource: Pocket at Blogger Help

Discovered on Kathy’s Blog Just Being Crafty

I am trying something new. I found a very cool site called Jing Project that allows you to video and narrate onscreen instructions. I created this video tutorial in Jing, but I must warn you there is only 5 minutes, so it’s very fast (well if it plays straight through...LOL). Also make sure you use your scroll bar on the side to move the video up/down and right/left as the capture video I did was quite large. I did not make any retakes, so for what it’s worth, you are welcome to view the video by clicking on the image below, and when the link opens click on the start arrow:

Video Lesson 1 - Scrap your Older Posts, etc

Step 1 - Create your image

Create an image (GIF, JPG or PNG). My OLDER/NEWER/HOME buttons are in PNG format, because I prefer the transparent background. Make sure your images are no larger than the following:
110 pixels in width (96 dpi) I always make mine much larger such as 1100 x 1100 pixels 300 dpi and resize for clarity.

Step 2 – Upload your finished image Upload your finished image to your favorite photo hosting site and get the direct link code. I like Photobucket and Scrapbookflair. Add these codes to your planning document, by inserting them as the DIRECT IMAGE LINK in this code:

<img src='DIRECT IMAGE LINK'/>

Planning Document

Step 3 – Backup your blog template.
You can find directions to do that here.

Step 4 – Change your HTML code.
Go to CUSTOMIZE/LAYOUT/EDIT HTML and check the EXPAND widgets box.

OlderPostsDirections 1

You will be looking for and replacing 3 pieces of code (one for each link in your blog NEWER POSTS, OLDER POSTS and HOME. One of my favorite key strokes are the CTRL+C (copy) and the CTRL+V (paste). You can highlight and copy and paste for each section.


A. Highlight <data:newerPageTitle/> with your cursor, and then click the CTRL+C (COPY) keys together.

B. Go to the HTML, and press the CTRL+F (FIND) keys and then put your cursor in the box, and hit your CTRL+V (PASTE) keys and you will paste the code you are looking for into the box.

C. Go to your planning document and CTRL+C copy the <img src='DIRECT IMAGE LINK FOR NEWER'/> with your actual link in the code.

D. Go back to the HTML and replace the <data:newerPageTitle/> and replace it by highlighting it an using your CTRL+V paste keys.

E. Do the same step for each portion of the code.

You will find and replace <data:newerPageTitle/> with the digital image you scrapped for newer (next) posts {See SAMPLE instructions above}

You will find and replace <data:olderPageTitle/> with the digital image you scrapped for older (previous) posts

You will find and replace <data:homeMsg/> (only the first one) with the digital image you scrapped for home

Step 5 – PREVIEW your blog.
Because you are only seeing the first page of your blog, you will have to trust that the NEWER and HOME buttons are working if the OLDER POSTS button is visible.

Step 6 – Save Template and View your blog.

Changing older posts 2.doc

Find the Word Document Instructions HERE.

Here’s to more happy scrapping, and
Hugs from the heart,


  1. Jeanette,
    I'm so glad you stopped bye my blog and thank you for the mention and I love your picture frames. It was a wonderful video you did a get job on it and you sound so cute.
    I look forward to many more videos.
    Have a Wonderful night.

  2. Jeanette love, you are such a NATURAL at video tutorials!!! OMGosh ... I am getting ready to work on a few video tutorials myself and hope I am half as concise as you are darlin'!!! OUTSTANDING and I SO need to spend a day doing nothing but reading through your tutorials and working my blog! The Jing site is pretty darn cool for being free! I noticed that Camtasia Studio is referred to as their big brother, so ALL in the family! LOL! AWESOME!

    KUDOS to you Ms. Jeanette and you've even posted screen captures and instructions!

    Thank you for ALL the love and hugs from the heart sweetie - you are a Georgia peach FOR REALS! He, he ... I have a sister in Savannah! *wink*

    I have a QUICK question. I've noticed on your blog, and others as well, that most of the blogs you have listed under "Blogs I'm J*A*Z*Z*E*D About" (and I am SOOOO honored to find myself listed there!)have images from their blog posts. For that to happen, does one have to have an image posted at the beginning of their post? My images are always near or at the end of my posts and I've come to believe that is why they don't show on other blog rolls.

    Thank you SO much sweetie for ALL that you do to help EVERYONE to have a CUSTOM blog to suit their OWN personality, style or business!!! You ROCK big time!

    Love and hugs,
    Linda XOXO

  3. HI!
    It´s HZDesign, Lisbet that need some inspiration. I need to come back, want to design a new background to my blogs.

  4. Glad you liked my Butterflies. Thank you so much for leaving me a lovely comment. Hugs Anita

  5. great video Jeanette - can't wait to give this a go!!!

  6. That's one tutorial I haven't seen before! Bravo! I love the look on my blog.
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Here's to more happy scrapping, and
Hugs from the heart,


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