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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Creating buttons

To create buttons is so much fun. That's one of the reasons I created Easy Custom Blogs. I wanted to share AS I LEARN. So much of this is by experiement. If you are checking back with me, my goal is to post one new lesson per day in Easy Custom Blogs. First, we will add buttons (pictures with hyperlinks) to the side bar, then we will add buttons within our posts!

Easy Custom BlogsSide Bar Buttons Instructions:

I recommend that you Backup your template, HERE are the instructions, before beginning.

1. Create a button. If you want to put it on the side bar, then your final dimensions should be no larger than the following:

1.52 x 1.06 inches

228 x 159 pxl

150 Resolution

I prefer to make my buttons larger for details, then resize for posting. If you save the button as a PNG or PSD then you can make changes, and if you post them, the background appears to be transparent, allowing for unique shapes. You can save your image on your computer or with an image host (links to free image hosts can be found on the sidebar).

2. Go to your blog and select the LAYOUT tab.


4. Select Add a Gadget from your side bar.

5. A window will popup with various choices, select PICTURE.

6. A new window will popup that says, CONFIGURE IMAGE. You will have a choice of where to get your image, and you can upload from your computer or the image host.

7. Within that window, you may add a Title, Caption, and LINK.

8. Click SAVE, then VIEW BLOG.

Easy Custom Blogs Buttons WITHIN THE POST instructions:

1. Create your button. I chose the following dimensions, but you may make them whatever you like.

2.0 x .75 inches

600 x 225 pxl

300 Resolution (I can use the higher resolution because the button is so small)

2. Type your post, and add your image (button) by clicking on the picture icon in the posting tools and add it where you like.

3. After you see your image, you will highlight it, and select the hyperlink icon on the top of the window. It looks like two chain links hooked together.

4. A hyperlink window will popup, and you will add your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to the box and click OK! Your image will be linked!

You should receive a message when you click on my sample button.


  1. Your site is phenomenal. I have had a few basic blogs up for several months now but with all the help you offer here I will certainly be sprucing them up. Thank you so much for all your help. I will be adding your site to my blog!

  2. Here again thanks for all the useful tips on your beautiful blog. May I ask you how did you create those beautiful images and text links in your sidebar? (i.e. like in Lynette's Photo Art) where you can either click on the image and/or on text to be linked to that web page in a pop up window? I would like to do the same for my blog, adding my fav links like that. Which program do you use to create images? I saw this link in your blog:http://www.scrapbookflair.com/.
    Is it a good one?
    Sorry about all these questions and thanks! You can e-mail me if you wish at tapirizia@yahoo.it
    Keep up your beautiful work!

  3. Just found this one - I'll be getting to it shortly..hehe!

  4. Hi my friend Jeanette, I made the button and saved it PNG. But when I put it on my blog it still has that white block around it. Why?
    Lovies from Me.

  5. Thanks Jeanette for coming over to my blog and helping me. You are wonderful, always ready to help. Lovies xxxxx


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